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Cobblestone, Granite, Fieldstone
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Old World Cobble®


We are dedicated to using natures beautiful yet functional materials to make beautiful yet practical items for your home and yard. We begin by taking rough granite cobblestone and crafting it into unique, functional and decorative items. No two items are ever exactly the same because they are all hand crafted individually. Cobblestone gives a strong and rustic beauty to the items we produce. 


Below are pictured our unique line of products... we're always looking for ideas and suggestions...

Caveman Cups

We found (during our research marketing) that the caveman cups were the most popular item we sold. Hand made from a single large stone, they are nice decorations for interior hearths and mantles, or outside as yard art or a unique flower pot. Available in Rose,Charcoal, Sunset, and Gray.

Cobblestone Flower Pots

Our Cobblestone Flowerpots are available in Rose, Charcoal, Sunset, Buff, and Gray. They're available 4" x 4" x 7" high with a 3" x 5" deep well, or 5" x 5" x 8" high with a 4" x 6" deep well. These can be used inside or outside customers homes. If a cobblestone border is going down on a driveway, these will make a unique "flowering" border.

Liquid Tea Light Holders

Soft gentle interior glowing candles made of strong, rustic looking granite. 3" diameter x 3" height. Includes a 2" liquid paraffin candle. These are wonderful for interior decoration and mood lighting... and very safe for interior use. Available in Rose, Sunset and Gray.

Pillar Candle Holders

4" x 4" x 6" high with 3 " hole. These come with a 3" x 3" pillar candle included... Clear Globe optional for safe, soft glowing interior light but can be used without the globe outside for taller pillar candles (or citronella on the patio). Available in Rose, Sunset and Gray.

Jumbo Edging Planter

If your driveway is edged with jumbo cobblestone this is a unique way to decorate. sawn flat to be easily leveled and installed even into existing driveways. 6" x 10" x 4" with 2 3" x 4" deep cores for planting. drilled for drainage. You can place 3" pots into the cored holes or fill with potting soil so plants grow right in the stone.  Available in Rose, Sunset and Gray.

Cobblestone Garden Birdbath

4" x 7" x 10" cobblestone hollowed out to provide small birds a place of respite in your garden or at the base of your bird feeder.  Available in Rose, Charcoal, Buff,  Sunset and Gray

Granite Molcajete Bowls

Classic stone bowls in 2 styles. Fabricated from our granite cobblestones these make wonderful yard or household decorations, and are actually functional. If you are a gardener and a chef these can be used to crush peppers or corn for tacos or salads using the classic Tejolote. They also make great conversational garden birdbaths, candy dishes, or a great compliment to our Caveman Cups. 

Cobblestone Lamp Fixtures

We have begun developing a line of attractive, functional, and highly unique interior lamps. Lamps are fashioned from whole cobblestones (excepting the colored block lamp) and can be (5" x 5" x 8") or (4" x 4" x 7") in size. All lamps are hand fashioned, so no two will look exactly alike. Lamps come with hardware installed. (shades in the pictures are for photographs only, not supplied with fixtures) 

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