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Cobblestone, Granite, Fieldstone
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Old World Cobble®


Custom Manufactured Materials from Old World Cobble®  

Custom Engraving

Granite Plaques, Memorial Pavers, House Name Plates, Numbers on Posts, Stone Signage... Whatever you need for customers to customize their homes or yards. We can get it done. Dealers need to call with specifications for price quotes. All these items are custom fabricated/engraved. Call 877-999-8700 or email [email protected] for more details and information.

3 Piece Pattern Cobbles

In stock and  available from Old World Cobble®...three size pattern cobblestone. These cobblestones are palletized to allow installers and homeowners to lay them out in a symmetrical pattern. These Cobblestones are 3" thick and thus can be used as driveway as well as walkway materials. The 3 sizes on the pallet are as follows; 6"x9"x3", 6"x6"x3", 6"x3"x3". There is 73.5 SFT/Pallet. Affordably priced, with a different "look" which resembles concrete pavers...but it's real granite cobblestone. As with the "Classic" Cobbles, using stone in the joints makes this a permeable paver system, or use polymeric sand.  They can be laid in stone dust or cement bed. E-mail [email protected] for more information.

Custom Fabrication Services

Old World Cobble® began doing light fabrication of items such as sill stock, wall caps, custom size pavers and many other items in 2016. Items are limited only by your imagination. Materials are quickly quoted, and produced efficiently with an eye toward quality. We can produce custom materials from any of our granite colors, brownstone or if it's materials we do not stock...we'll process material supplied by you, the dealer.