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Cobblestone Yard located at 6 Colletti Lane, Swansea, MA. 02777

Granite cobblestones from Old World Cobble® are nature’s unique paving and edging stone. Combining strength, skid resistance, and minimal water absorption, granite cobblestones offer a combination of characteristics making it a great options for paving and edging. Old World Cobble® granite cobblestones are hand cut and have a tumbled appearance. Being hand cut, cobblestone sizes vary slightly but are fairly consistent. Some sizes are available in Black, Pink, Yellow, and Phoenician Buff granite. 

Old World Cobble®'s Newest innovation...XL Landscapes to meet the demand for customers who want the look of "old-time" cobblestone at a much more reasonable cost.

Granite Cobblestone

Colors Noted Above G=Gray, B=Black, Y=Yellow, P=Pink, PB=Phoenician Buff

* Items with asterisk can be special ordered in colors but only stocked in Gray

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