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Cobblestone, Granite, Fieldstone
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Old World Cobble®


Domestic Fieldstone and Building Stone

Old World Cobble® carries a wide range of New England Fieldstone in our efforts to offer you "more than just Cobblestone". Beautiful old stone harvested from those wonderful old walls throughout New England. Natures re-usable gift to us. Old as the earth itself, truly American, and fully green and natural. Beautify your property with stone walls. Protect your home with beautiful stone walls. Support New England vendors who work to recycle and beautify New England, while supporting the New England economy.

New England Flat Fieldstone
Medium to Small Flat New England Fieldstone colored gray/green wrapped in wire on pallets. 2800# per pallet.

New England Wall Run Fieldstone
A blend of Flat, Square/Rectangular, and Round New England Fieldstone. Gray/Green in color. Ranges from Large to Small sizes. Packed in heavy wire baskets. 2500# per basket.
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Old World Cobble® introduces Sakonnet River Round Fieldstone. Golden hued, round fieldstone quarried in Southeastern New England. Perfect for building strong walls. Offered in full stone and split in half for full bed veneer. Shipped in wire baskets weighing 2500# each. Reasonably priced and safely packaged.

Old New England Fieldstone
A blend of Round and Square/Rectangular New England Fieldstone. Gray Green in color. Ranges from Large to Medium size stones. Packed in heavy wire baskets. 2500# per basket.

New England Fieldstone Cap/Steppers
Extra Large Flat New England Fieldstone. Large enough to cap walls, or be used as small steppers. Gray/Green in color. Wire wrapped on pallets. 2800# per pallet.