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Cobblestone planters offered in singles and doubles can be used as a stand alone piece, or used as a garden border. We have seen many of these planters used at memorials. 

Old World Cobble® Gray Granite Mailbox Posts

Gray Granite Hitching Posts from OWC.

Assembled at our facility in Swansea, MA. Made from gray granite. These posts are rocked on 2 sides and thermalled on 2 sides. The posts are 6" x 6" x 6' tall. The hitching rings are also available separately, and we can also "customize" them by installing multiple rings on each post if so desired. Simply call us at (877) 999-8700.

Old World Cobble® Blue Mist Birdbath is pictured above.

BENCHES from Old World Cobble® Are 48" X 18" X 3" There are 3 granite benches per pallet. The granite bench top is polished on one side and thermalled on the other giving you two different looks with one product. Legs are rectangular. Benches are available in Gray Granite and Blue Mist Granite.

Old World Cobble® also stocks Lamp Posts of Gray Granite. These are Rocked 4 sides, or Rocked 2 sides / Thermalled 2 sides. They are 8' high and either 6" x 6", or 7" x 7". All these have a 2" core the entire length. As well as Post Caps which are 10"x 10"


Created in 2020, Fieldstone planters offer a wonderful natural stone that allows for small pots to be interested, or soil and choice of plant can be inserted directly without a pot. Bottoms are sawn/split flat for easy placement.

Old World Cobble® offers fully assembled mailbox posts in Gray Granite as well as Blue Mist Granite. 6 posts per pallet. 2 sides Rock faced, 2 sides thermal finish. 6" x 6" or 7"x 7", all are 7' tall. Mailbox Brackets are also available separately. Also we now have different styled Post caps for our 6" x 6" and 7" x 7" posts (Pictured Below) Call (877) 999-8700 for pricing.

Old World Cobble® distributes stone birdbaths in both Gray Granite (pictured left) and Blue Mist Granite. OWC bird baths have an 18" diameter bowl which is 4" thick and 2.5" deep. There are 3 granite birdbaths per pallet. The granite birdbath pedestal is 10" wide at the base up to 6" wide at the top. The pedestal is 18" high.

Granite Curbs from Old World Cobble® have a bush hammered top, sawn bottom, and rock faced sides.

Note: Rustic Curbing is "Split" on all sides...NOT Bush Hammered on the edges

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